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Shave Soap lol

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FLAME Shave Soap is the perfect shave soap for the firefighter life. It's the better, natural way to shave - with less irritation, shave bumps and razor burn.

Whip this up into a thick, airy foam for a smooth, close shave. Our FLAME activated charcoal will leave you clean and our OG scent will top off the experience for the most amazing shave you've ever had.

Our proprietary blend of activated charcoal is the base of this product and we developed it to remove all sizes of toxins. FLAME Shave Soap also moisturizes with Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Oat and Wheat Proteins, and natural Glycerine.

Field tested and approved. All natural ingredients. Free of garbage ingredients. Developed for Firefighters. Veteran and Fire Family owned. Made in America. Firefighter Shave Soap. 

Legalese: By purchasing this product you understand that this product does not claim to prevent or cure cancer or any other disease or infection. You also assume all responsibility for use of this product.