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Protecting our heroes with the H₆ Radio Holster: Fire-resistant, veteran-owned, American-made innovation for firefighter professionals. Extractor washable for ultimate durability.

Introducing the H₆ Radio Holster with an innovative Fire-Resistant (FR) Liner, a perfect solution designed specifically for firefighters and proudly developed by a Veteran Owned company. Handcrafted in America with meticulous attention to detail, this holster ensures reliable protection for your radio during critical operations. The Extractor Washable feature allows for easy maintenance and long-lasting use, guaranteeing optimal performance even in the most demanding environments. Experience peace of mind knowing that your communication device is safeguarded by cutting-edge technology while supporting American craftsmanship

  • Designed for Firefighters: The H₆ Radio Holster with Fire-Resistant (FR) Liner is specifically tailored to meet the needs of firefighters, ensuring optimal functionality and safety
  • Made in America: With a commitment to quality craftsmanship, this radio holster is proudly manufactured in the USA, supporting local businesses and promoting domestic manufacturing
  • Extractor Washable for Easy Maintenance: Featuring an extractor washable design, this radio holster can be easily cleaned, ensuring long-lasting durability and hygienic use in demanding firefighting environments

  • Firefighter & Veteran Owned and Developed.
  • 100% Made in America  
  • Extractor Washable
  • Heavy Duty Reinforced Metal D-Rings
  • Fire Resistant (FR) Liner Protects Fire/Heat
  • Cushion Design Protects from Dropping
  • Measures 4 x 2 x 5″ deep. 0.2 lb.