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Experience unparalleled protection and agility with the Squad-1 Extrication Gloves: the ultimate choice for firefighters. Engineered with flame-resistant Kevlar, synthetic leather, and kangaroo skin, these gloves offer outstanding grip, extreme flexibility, and padded knuckle protection. The sleek design also features reflective strips for enhanced visibility. With an ANSI cut level 3 rating and a durable construction using sewing thread, these gloves are built to withstand any demanding situation in the fire service. Additionally, the palm side inner liner is made of Kevlar laminate for added reinforcement. The elasticized Kevlar debris-catching inner cuff ensures a secure fit while keeping unwanted elements out. Please note that due to shipping restrictions, we regretfully cannot ship this item to Canada

Introducing the Squad-1 Extrication Gloves, a game-changer in the realm of fire service gear. Crafted with utmost precision, these gloves are engineered to provide unparalleled protection and functionality for first responders. Constructed with a combination of top-notch materials including kevlar, flame-resistant synthetic leather, and kangaroo skin, these gloves offer superior durability and strength. The palm side inner liner further enhances comfort while ensuring optimal grip in high-pressure situations. Equipped with a kevlar laminate and padded knuckle protection, these gloves offer extensive safeguarding without compromising on flexibility or maneuverability. With an ANSI cut level 3 rating and reflective strip detailing for enhanced visibility, safety remains at the forefront throughout operations. The sleek design encompasses sculpted fingertips that facilitate precise dexterity while preventing slippage during critical tasks. Additionally, the elasticized kevlar debris catching inner cuff offers added security by keeping unwanted particles out of the glove's interior space. Please note that due to shipping restrictions imposed by Canada Customs regulations, we regretfully inform you that this product cannot be shipped to Canadian addresses at this time. These profoundly dependable gloves are fortified using robust sewing thread to ensure long-lasting performance even under demanding conditions. Without question, the Squad-1 Extrication Gloves epitomize excellence in craftsmanship, catering impeccably to discerning professionals who value unwavering reliability. Get your hands on these remarkable gloves today, and experience firsthand why they have become indispensable tools for firefighters around the world

  • Enhanced Safety: The SQUAD-1 Extrication Gloves provide exceptional flame resistance and ANSI cut level 3 protection, ensuring utmost safety for fire service professionals
  • Superior Performance: With a combination of kevlar, synthetic leather, and kangaroo skin materials, these gloves offer extreme flexibility, outstanding grip, and padded knuckle protection
  • Advanced Design Features: Featuring sculpted fingertips for improved dexterity and a reflective strip for increased visibility in low-light situations, the sleek design also includes an elasticized kevlar debris catching inner cuff

MODEL # 3752P-4

Designed Specifically for the Fire Service



• 100% Kevlar Palm Side Inner Liner and Flame Resistant Back Side Outer Shell

• Synthetic Leather Palm Shell Reinforced with Tough Flexible Kangaroo Skin Outer Layer

• Kevlar Laminate Reinforcements Back of Fingers

• Padded Knuckle Protection with Reflective Strip

• ANSI Cut Level 3 Protection 


• Efficient Sleek Design for Extreme Flexibility, Grip and Comfort

• Kangaroo Skin Palm Provides Outstanding Grip Wet or Dry

• Smooth Sculpted Fingertips Supports Best in Class Tactility/Dexterity

• Elasticized Kevlar Debris Catching Inner Cuff 


• Kevlar Palm Liner, Back Shell and Sewing Thread

• Kevlar Laminate Reinforced Back Side Fingers

• Extremely Durable Kangaroo Skin Palm