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The PROTECTOR Universal Plate Carrier is designed around the most demanding conditions of a Fire/Rescue Task Force. The PROTECTOR design will allow for the accommodation of all sizes in the available optional hard armor rifle plates—Level III and IV—in the front and back, providing optimal coverage for the user based on body size. The oversized cummerbund has 3 points of expansion and will fit a broader range of users afford ing the best side coverage in the industry.

Introducing the new Protector Hi Biz Traffic Safety and Ballistics Vest from Fire Ninja: the ultimate answer for maximum protection plus visibility in high-risk areas. Manufactured with the comfort and safety professionals need, for their highest levels of performance and durability.

It puts safety above everything, and the Protector Hi Biz vest is designed according to the highest specifications. It is operated with top materials so as to provide you with a maximum ballistic protection capability with the ultimate defense against all sorts of potential threats. This vest has been created to ensure that you are safe and secure no matter the job, be it in law enforcement, security, or any high-risk profession.

A vest will be created from a high-visibility material for purposes of visual identification enhancement in circumstances of poor light. Basically, this will provide an easy way of recognizing you even under difficult situations. You will thus be in a position to be duly identified with the strategic location of reinforcements to enhance the visibility and reduce the probable incidence of accident or mishap.


The Hi Biz vest Protector is a function-oriented vest. It has so many pockets and compartments for most utilities, enabling one easy access to those utilities whenever required. The other improved bit in the vest is in the adjustable straps that improve on the comfort of its fit, accommodating any body size with a specific one available.

In addition to the many safety and functional benefits, the Protector Hi Biz vest also has a stylish and professional look because of the design. Its excellent modern design, to the minutest detail, enables the use in different professional environments. In this regard, this vest will serve you and offer highly unbeatable protection in all kinds of duties and official functions.

Invest in safety, and the Protector Hi Biz Traffic Safety Ballistics Vest by Fire Ninja is a top choice. This is the best-balanced and highest-performing vest with detailed design—leading the market with elite taste. Trust Fire Ninja to never compromise on safety in any high-risk situation.



The PROTECTOR Universal Plate Carrier provides High visibility (Hi-Viz) options for daily emergency responses. They were envisioned to offer separation of Fire and EMS from Law Enforcement in complex emergency scenes like drug overdose, domestic disputes, altercations, etc. The Hi-Viz option also has maximum safety as it takes advantage of all bells and whistles of the Fire Ninja Public Safety Vest. Fire Ninja and Covert Armor came together in collaboration to create the world's first traffic safety and ballistic vest.

• Padded shoulders design fully adjustable design for maximum comfort and adjustability.
• Accommodates all size and shape Level III or IV hard armor plates front/rear
• Large front utility pocket with hook and loop closure
• 360⁰ of ULTRABRIGHT reflective tape increases visibility "One size fits most."
• Large Loop area on front/back for ID placards
• Drag handle: Reinforced contrasting

• Waistline pockets for trauma / rescue equipment, such as tourniquets, shears, and bandages

• Available radio pouch