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Miss Fit Hose Dragger- Decal & Carabiner

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The 451 F Link Sticker Pack
Includes: 1 carabiner link
1 “Overcome. Adapt” chameleon decal
Story of the 451 F Link meaning.

The 451 F link— for your fire gear, your gym shoes, water bottle, radio strap or wherever you choose to put it— is a simple reminder to never give up. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Start somewhere and keep getting a little bit better than yesterday.

“It came about when I was put on a team of real alpha dudes when I was doin my state firefighter certification—I was 100#’s heavier. I made a commitment to a belief that I could make myself a little bit better one day at a time so I wouldn’t be the weak link—a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Just start somewhere. My commitment brought me out of the Corporate world into a full time career as a firefighter/paramedic. The gym saved me. And it paved the way to land a job that’s both physically demanding and fulfilling.

And much like the “missing link” we need to EVOLVE. It’s slow and sometimes painful. But every day, we can be better. We need to believe in the process.

It’s a symbol of a belief to the consistent commitment to be better than yesterday. Every damn day.
It’s a belief that you can be better.
A belief that you deserve better.
A belief that you owe it to the people to your left and right to keep being better. Every day. It’s not just a fitness thing—it’s a belief in the value of continuous improvement in all areas of our life—how we treat others, how coachable we are, how we give back in service, how we take care of ourselves and others. Whatever your passion—keep in pursuit.”
—Brooke AKA @miss_fit_hosedragger