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IdentiFire™ SCBA Accountability Shoulder Strap System

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Reflective Color

The SCBA Accountability Shoulder Strap System, includes the shoulder strap system only. The System attaches to the SCBA Shoulder Strap using NFPA compliant Nomex material, and then is secured with commercial grade - Fire resistant Velcro. The Tag is then secured to the Nomex with velcro, making it removable and interchangeable as you see fit. With continuous improvements, we have designed a new customized look for our SCBA Accountability Shoulder Strap System that reduces the overall profile with Advanced Nomex Material.

The SCBA Accountability Shoulder Strap System includes the Shoulder Nomex with a PVC Tag. We offer a wide variety of colors for the PVC Tag which include: BLACK, SILVER, KELLY GREEN, BLUE, ORANGE, GOLD, LIME GREEN, RED & PINK as well as an Inverted options in each color.

At a time when firefighter accountability and safety is at its highest, using our products will help you do your job more efficiently and safer. For information on bulk pricing for this product please contact us at Please see our video below for more information.

Style options are: Standard (Reflective numbers w/ glow background) or Inverted (Reflective background w/ glow numbers)