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Introducing the H₆ Frontline Radio Strap Kit in sleek black - your essential companion for seamless communication on the battlefield Introducing the H₆ Frontline Radio Strap Kit in black, a state-of-the-art accessory designed to meet the demands of tactical professionals. Crafted from premium tactical nylon, this universal radio holder boasts exceptional durability and functionality. The inclusion of a sway strap allows for secure and comfortable attachment, ensuring that your communication device remains accessible at all times during high-intensity operations. With its meticulously engineered design and compatibility with various patches, this kit is truly unrivaled in its versatility. Elevate your field performance today with the H₆ Frontline Radio Strap Kit - an essential tool for any seasoned professional seeking reliable gear on their missions Enhance your tactical gear with the H₆ Frontline Radio Strap Kit, featuring a universal radio holder for seamless compatibility Stay connected and organized in high-pressure situations with the durable and reliable tactical nylon construction of this radio strap kit Show your identity and professionalism with the included patch that can be easily attached to the H₆ Frontline Radio Strap Kit Enjoy optimal comfort and stability during operations thanks to the sway strap design of this versatile radio strap kit *Radio Strap *Universal Radio Holder * Patch *Sway Strap The Frontline H6 Tactical Nylon Radio Strap Kit is heavy duty, yet lightweight, designed with mobility, comfort and safety in mind. High quality and extractor washable, the Military Grade Nylon will not retain cancer causing particles like leather radio straps. The life expectancy of a H6 radio strap is well over 5 years, no other radio straps in any industry can compare. The patent pending design was created by a career firefighter with over 20 years experience using a leather radio strap and by combining his experience in the military, he developed the most rugged radio strap used by firefighters, military air crash rescue and EMS. The versatility of this radio strap allows for 13 attachment points to attach your mic, flashlight, scissors, glass break or other equipment essential to your job. Personalized options for making your own custom radio straps are available by embroidering on the backside of the strap in several different colors. Add a matching universal Fire Resistant (FR) Radio Holster and Sway Strap to complete your set. Patent(s) Pending. Introducing the H₆ Frontline Radio Strap Kit in black - your new sidekick for top-notch communication on the battlefield and beyond! Made with heavy-duty tactical nylon, this versatile radio holster is built to withstand even the toughest missions. Plus, with a sway strap for a secure and comfy fit, you'll never have to worry about your device slowing you down. And don't forget to add your own personal touch with the option to customize your strap with embroidery. With 13 attachment points, this radio strap is perfect for holding all of your essential gear, like a mic, flashlight, or scissors. Trust us, this strap is no joke - its patent-pending design is the result of years of experience in both the military and firefighting industries. So go ahead and elevate your gear game with the H₆ Frontline Radio Strap Kit!