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Bale Strap for 2-1/2" Nozzle (Short)- FFHCS

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The bale strap is utilized to hold the 2 ½” nozzle bale in the open position when a 1 ¾” hand line is connected to the tip of the 2 ½” nozzle. It ensures that the bale does not accidentally get closed and cut off water supply to an interior attack company.

To determine which bale strap is right for your nozzle, connect the nozzle to 2 1/2" inch hose and measure the distance between the back of the male coupling and the handle of the bale in the open position. If the measurement is 4"-5" the Bale Strap Short will work for you. If the measurement is 5.25"-7" the Bale Strap Long will work for you.