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1-3/4" Adjustable Hose Bundle Strap Kit (Blue) - FFBLHCS

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Secure and adjust your 1-3/4 hose bundle effortlessly with our innovative blue Adjustable Hose Bundle Strap Kit

Introducing the 1-3/4" Adjustable Hose Bundle Strap Kit in charming blue hue, coded FFBLHCS. Designed to cater specifically to your hose bundling needs, this kit offers unparalleled adjustability and a perfect fit for any 1¾" hose bundle measuring up to a remarkable 8 feet long or even accommodating bundles of up to an impressive 100 feet in length. Equipped with top-notch hose straps crafted from durable and flexible 1" webbing material, this versatile kit enables effortless adjustment according to your desired length as determined by the circumference of your hoses ranging between 11-16.5 inches. With their secure buckle fastening system, these universal straps provide the ideal solution for securing either a single 50-foot bundle or even longer bundles spanning across an extensive distance of up to a staggering hundred feet

  • Ensure a secure and customized fit for your 1 ¾” hose bundle with our adjustable hose straps
  • Effortlessly slide and adjust the 1” webbing to achieve your desired length, keeping your hoses neatly organized
  • Safely secure bundles of up to 100 feet of hose with the universal buckle design of our hose strap kit
  • Accommodate both single 50 ft
  • Or longer 100 ft
  • Bundles with our durable and versatile 1 3/4" circumference straps

The hose bundle kit is adjustable to fit a 1 ¾” hose bundle up to 8 ft. long and consisting of up to 100 feet of hose. 2 of the hose straps slide along the 1” webbing to allow for adjustment. Once the desired length is determined, the 1” webbing is secured in a buckle. This universal 1 ¾” hose bundle kit can be used for a single 50 ft. bundle or a longer 100 ft. bundle. The 1 3/4" hose straps can be used on hose bundles with a circumference of 11"-16.5".