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Whiskey Coupling Candle

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*SCENT IS WHISKEY* Limited amounts of each candle. The candle will either be the male or female end. Candles may come in a different color. Fire departments sometimes spray paint the couplings to identify who they belong too. 
This is a custom hand-poured and handcrafted 100% soy 8oz candle. The candle was poured into a repurposed, reused and recycled fire hose coupling. The fire hose coupling is solid aluminum. The coupling has a solid epoxy base so it can be repurposed into something else after the candle is melted or re-poured with more wax. 
Fire Departments all over the United States test their fire hose annually. If a a roll of fire hose does not pass inspection the fire hose usually ends up in landfills around the country or in this case is recycled, repurposed and re-used into a handcrafted Crafty American product. 
Each piece of the fire hose handpicked, cut apart and made into quality items. This is a 100% American made product. 
What makes these items unique is each roll of hose or coupling has its own story or history. How many house or car fires did the hose help put out? No piece of fire hose is the same.  Some couplings have hand engraved writing from the fire departments it came from or a sticker they applied to the coupling. 
Each candle is finished with a warning sticker on the bottom of the candle and a Crafty American sticker so you know it was made from a small shop that supports firsts responders and that its a quality product.