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The Straw Firefighter Hat ®

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Each hat is pressed in a fire mold to obtain our patented shape.  With this method, the straw is subject to flames at extreme temperatures.  No two hats look alike due to the differences in heat applied, age of the palm straw and moisture content of the material.  Some hats have more character than others due to the flames. Some may contain burn markings in several places, some only a few, some none at all. Each one truly is its own work of art.  


    • Flexible inner band
    • Long rear brim for sun protection
    • Removable chin cord
    • Patented design
    • Water resistant
    • Sewn trim around brim
    • Free shipping on orders over $50!!  (when shipped to US address)
    • This patented Straw Firefighter Hat features a flex fit design and also includes a removable chin cord!