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The Field Medic Kit (FAK)

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 The Field Medic Kit bag was improved & designed to equip civilians who operate in austere environments with the trauma medicine capabilities to support a small squad-sized group. This kit contains equipment to treat arterial bleeds, puncture wounds, broken bones, lacerations, and more.

This bag now utilizes a Berry compliant American made backpack by Squatch Survival Gear, and North American Rescue medical components, in addition to MFASCO, H&H and Medline consumables.
This bag was designed to accompany Bear during Grindstone Ministries deployments.  It is great for the field.  Lightweight at only 15lbs.  Take it on your rucks, hikes, or have it close by in your vehicle.

The Field Medic Kit is also equipped with a full BearMIN insert for a quick grab/toss and go for that emergency traumatic situation.