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Seasonal Decon Soap Bundle

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Soap Scent

Our Summer Decon Soap Bundle includes Soaps in collaboration with Great Lakes H.O.T., Black Smoke Sticker Co, and Smoke Showin Apparel. 

With this set, you’ll get matching stickers for each Soap and $3 from each bundle will go to non-profits that we've selected alongside each of these amazing companies.

Scents & Non-Profits: ⁠

Great Lakes H.O.T.
Scent: Balsam Vetiver 
Non-profit: Ann Arbor Firefighter Charities 

Black Smoke Sticker Co
Scent: Lavender
Non-profit: Childrens Burn Foundation

Smoke Showin Apparel Co 
Scent: Palo Santo
Non-profit: Leary Firefighters Foundation


  • 3 bars of Soap (yes, this is our famous decon Soap with new scents) OR you can choose to have all three bars be our FLAME original scent OR Both
  • Stickers to match the theme of the each Soap

Why subscribe? 

  • Have your Decon Soap ready when you need it
  • Decon not only from fires but from carcinogens around the station every shift
  • Guaranteed to get our limited scents and stickers
  • Save 20%
  • Cancel anytime
  • Lock in at the lowest price 
  • Starting at ONLY $7.99 per month

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