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Saw Carrying Strap-K12 - FFSCS-HK

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Enhance your firefighting equipment with the durable Saw Carrying Strap-K12, designed for easy transport and secure fastening

Introducing the Saw Carrying Strap-K12, a game-changer for firefighters and rescue professionals who depend on their trusty rotary saws. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this ergonomically designed carrying strap is specifically tailored to accommodate the weight and dimensions of K12 saws. Crafted from high-quality materials, it ensures optimal performance in even the most demanding situations. Equipped with reliable spring clips that securely fasten your saw, rest assured knowing that your tool will stay firmly in place during transportation or while on duty. With its adjustable length feature providing convenience and versatility, this Saw Carrying Strap-K12 is truly a must-have accessory for every firefighter seeking ultimate functionality and peace of mind when it comes to transporting their valuable equipment safely

  • Enhance firefighter safety with the Saw Carrying Strap-K12, providing secure and convenient transportation for the powerful rotary saw
  • The durable construction of this strap ensures long-lasting performance, allowing firefighters to rely on its reliability during critical operations
  • Designed with spring clips, the Saw Carrying Strap-K12 offers effortless attachment and detachment, saving valuable time in emergency situations
  • With its adjustable design, this carrying strap provides a comfortable fit for firefighters of different sizes, ensuring maximum comfort and ease of use during prolonged use

This saw carrying strap was designed to assist firefighters with carrying a K12 or rotary saw. There are spring clips on each end to connect to the rings on the saw. The strap is also designed with 2 seatbelt buckles so it can be quickly removed when it is time to go to work. It is imperative that firefighters maintain 3 points of contact when climbing a ladder and not all saws come with a carrying strap. The saw carrying strap allows firefighters to climb a ladder safely with the saw slung to their side or around their back.