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Rescue Strap with Handle - FFSHRS-R56

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Empower firefighters with the innovative FFSHRS-R56 Rescue Strap, designed to securely girth victims and provide a reliable handle for efficient rescues.

Introducing the Rescue Strap with Handle - FFSHRS-R56, an indispensable tool crafted for swift and efficient emergency response. Designed specifically to assist firefighters in rescue operations, this girthed strap is engineered to provide a secure grip on the victim while maximizing control and stability. Equipped with a sturdy handle, this rescue strap enables firefighters to maneuver through challenging situations with heightened confidence. Its innovative design ensures optimal functionality by allowing seamless coordination during high-stress scenarios. Invest in the Rescue Strap with Handle - FFSHRS-R56 today and equip your firefighting team with a vital tool that can make all the difference when every second counts

  • The rescue strap with a sturdy handle provides firefighters with enhanced control and maneuverability during girthed victim extractions
  • Designed for optimal strength and durability, the rescue strap ensures reliable support to safely extract victims in emergency situations
  • With its ergonomic handle, the rescue strap allows firefighters to maintain a secure grip while executing complex extraction maneuvers
  • The versatile design of the rescue strap facilitates efficient and effective rescues by providing an essential tool for firefighter operations

The rescue strap is designed to be girthed around a victim or down firefighter and provides a handle that is large enough to be used with a gloved hand. The handle is rigid and provides a point of reference in low visibility environments. It can also be used on high hose beds to assist in pulling hose. The strap is 56” long.