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Experience unrivaled protection and performance with the MK-1 Structural Firefighting Glove. Certified and compliant to NFPA 1971, this model is in high demand. Order a size bigger as they run small. With its kevlar knit, thermal insulation, cut resistance, puncture resistance, cowhide palm for radiant heat resistance and moisture barrier for chemicals and bloodborne pathogens - It's designed to excel under extreme conditions. The goatskin palm ensures exceptional flexibility, grip, dexterity and tactility while the tailored fit with sewing construction provides maximum durability. Reinforced palm layers make it ruggedly constructed for longevity while the thumb crotch wear area adds extra resilience. Choose safety without compromise; choose the MK-1 Structural Firefighting Glove today!

Introducing the MK-1 Structural Firefighting Glove, a groundbreaking model that is currently in high demand. For those who prioritize safety in their line of work, this glove is an absolute necessity. It's important to note that the gloves run slightly small, so it is advised to order a size bigger for an optimal fit. Rest assured, these gloves are certified and compliant with NFPA 1971 standards. Crafted with precision and expertise, the MK-1 provides unparalleled protection in hazardous environments. The kevlar knit offers exceptional thermal resistance while also ensuring cut and puncture resistance—a quality unmatched by competitors. To enhance overall durability, cowhide material has been strategically incorporated into the design to provide radiant heat resistance as well as a moisture barrier against chemicals and bloodborne pathogens. The performance of these gloves goes beyond mere protective qualities; they also excel in practicality and convenience. The goatskin palm grants flexibility like no other while maintaining an excellent grip for enhanced dexterity during critical tasks. With its unique fingertip design, tactility becomes effortless without compromising on safety measures. Furthermore, the sewing construction ensures a tailored fit that contours perfectly to your hand shape—creating a seamless experience even during prolonged use. The palm layers have been reinforced for added durability using genuine leather materials which guarantees rugged construction built to withstand wear and tear effectively. Attention has not been spared when considering comfort either; thanks to meticulously designed features such as thumb crotch reinforcement implemented specifically for higher stress areas—the wearer remains comfortable throughout extended periods of usage without hindering productivity or mobility In s, thery,the MK-1 Structural Firefighting Glove sets itself apart from others due to its superior protection levels combined with innovative features that cater towards every aspect demanded by firefighters' Froms.From impeccable craftsmanship utilizing premium materials necessary for rigorous firefighting cond, toons,to specialized ergonomic designs aimed at optimizing user effic Thecy.The MK-1 truly represents excellence within its, makingmaking it indispensable both for novices and seasoned professionals alike

  • Enhanced Protection: The MK-1 Structural Firefighting Glove offers certified and compliant NFPA 1971 protection, ensuring optimal safety against thermal, cut, and puncture resistance
  • Superior Comfort: With its tailored fit, the glove's goatskin palm and kevlar knit provide flexibility, grip, dexterity, and tactility for utmost performance in demanding situations
  • Maximum Safety Assurance: Featuring a moisture barrier that protects against chemicals and bloodborne pathogens while offering radiant heat resistance
  • The MK-1 is designed to keep firefighters safe

Approximately 1week to ship due to high demand. 

run small , order size bigger

MODEL # 7877


Sizes: 64N (XXS), 70N (XS), 70W (SM), 76N (MED), 76W (LG), 82N (XL), 82W (XXL), 82XW (XXXL), XXXXL



• Unprecedented 5 layers of 100% Kevlar knit for Premium Thermal, Cut & Puncture Resistance

• Cowhide reinforced back shell for long term Radiant Heat Resistance

• NFPA 1971 Compliant Moisture Barrier blocks Chemicals and Bloodborne Pathogens


• Multi-layer Kevlar Knit with Goatskin Palm provides Outstanding Flexibility, Grip and Dexterity

• Unique Sculpted Fingertip Design Provides Highest Level Tactility

• Intricate Sewing Construction for Highly Functional Tailored Fit

• Sewn Down Palm Layers for more Efficient Grip


• Premium Leather and 100% Kevlar for Rugged Construction

• Reinforced Thumb Crotch Protects High Wear Area

• Inner Liner Sewn and Bonded at the fingertips