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Majestic PAC F20 Hood C6 Fire Ink Skull

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Majestic PAC F20 Hood with Skull - NFPA 1971, UL Certified

Discover the PAC F20 Hood with Skull from Chief Miller Apparel, meticulously designed for top-tier protection and comfort in demanding environments. Engineered with Fire Ink white skull and white threading against a backdrop of Black Ultra C6 Carbon Knit fabric, this hood exemplifies cutting-edge design and advanced materials.

Key Features:

  • NFPA 1971, UL Certified: Ensures compliance with stringent safety standards.
  • Meets Cal/OSHA Standards: Exceeds regulatory requirements for safety and performance.
  • Fire Ink White Skull: Provides enhanced visibility and aesthetic appeal.
  • Black Ultra C6 Carbon Knit: Offers superior protection against radiant heat, flame, and electric arc.

Design Specifications:

  • Extended Length: 20" front and back, ensuring secure fit and coverage under required equipment.
  • Flared Back Insert: Measures 9" x 14" for enhanced comfort and flexibility.

Advanced Protection: The Ultra C6 carbon fabric utilizes a tri-blend technology to optimize comfort and performance. Engineered to deliver maximum protection against extreme heat and flame, it meets the rigorous standards of NFPA 1971 Edition and is UL Certified, guaranteeing reliability in critical situations.

Equip yourself with the Chief Miller Apparel PAC F20 Hood with Skull, where innovation meets safety, ensuring peace of mind in the face of challenging environments.

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