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Irons Shoulder Strap

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 Irons shoulder strap is designed to shoulder carry a set of married irons (Halligan + axe) vertically oriented on the back left hip. This allows for a comfortable fit and keeps the tools out of the way and still easily accessible. There is a second set of smaller Velcro Straps built in to have the option to shoulder carry a single Halligan, axe, maul, or similar fire service tools. When a quick grab is needed, there is the ability to use the incorporated handle too.

  • Universal fit to secure different size and brand tools.
  • Irons sit vertical on back left hip.
  • Quick tool removal when needed.
  • Easy-to-use buckle for quick and secure operation.
  • Adjustable strap for a custom fit.
  • Combination shoulder strap, handle carry, and added single tool carry.
  • ***Combine with FRE Elastic Webbing Band to secure the shoulder strap when not in use.
  • Made in USA

Our FRE Irons Tool Strap is a specially designed strap that is able to universally marry irons together. It can also be used to carry a single Halligan, axe, maul, or other fire service tools. The FRE Irons Strap’s Patent Pending design will accommodate a large variety of different brands and styles of forcible entry tools. The unique design is also able to single carry each of the forcible entry tools, as well. With just a quick pull on Velcro straps, your tools are free to use.

  • Patent Pending design to shoulder carry a married set of irons (Halligan with an axe).
  • Designed to be a universal fit to accommodate your style tools.
  • Tools rest in a vertical position to decrease firefighter profile and take stress off Velcro straps.
  • Easy to use and quick to secure the tools.
  • Constructed of thicker Polypro with reinforced Hypalon backing in key locations to increase durability.
  • Stitched loop near the buckle as an attachment point for carabiners, wedges, or door chocks.
  • Adjustable strap allows for a comfortable and customized fit over full PPE and SCBA.
  • Can also carry a single Halligan, axe, maul, or similar fire service tools.
  • If the strap becomes contaminated or dirty, simply close the Velcro and clean using a washing machine on cold gentle cycle. Or simply use a bucket of soapy water.
  • Made in USA