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Irons Marrying Strap

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Our FRE Irons Marrying Strap is designed to secure a set of married irons (Halligan + axe). Fire fighters can trust our Irons marrying strap to universally and securely fit their married irons with limited slipping due to the added Hypalon material inside.

  • Designed to securely marry the irons together for a quick grab
  • Large 1” pull tab for easy removal
  • Constructed of thicker 3″ wide Polypro
  • Reinforced Hypalon backing inside for grip and added durability
  • 1″ Attachment point for carabiners, wedges, or door chocks.
  • High visibility Reflective Cordura material
  • Machine washable for easy decon
  • Made in USA



Our FRE Irons Marrying Strap is an improvement to the existing style of irons marrying straps currently on the market for the fire service. The FRE strap is easy to apply and quick to remove when the irons are needed most. The key difference is the attention to detail with the added large pull tab, applied grip inside, and an added accessory loop attachment point.

What makes the FRE Irons Marrying Strap the best option?

  • The large 1″ pull tab makes locating and removing the strap easy with a gloved hand.
  • Upgrading to a 3″ wide heavy Polypro increases overall durability.
  • The reinforced Hypalon backing inside limits slipping when applied on the irons.
  • The 1″ accessory loop allows for an easy place to attach carabiners, wedges, or door chocks.
  • The large high visibility Cordura material is reflective allowing easy location in dark or smoky enviornments.
  • The Condura material is able to be marked using a simple Sharpie marker for proper labeling.
  • If the strap becomes contaminated or dirty, simply velcro either side together and clean using a washing machine on cold gentle cycle. Or simply use a bucket of soapy water.
  • Made in USA with Pride in Performance