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Experience the ultimate in firefighter gear with the H₆ Inferno Radio Strap, proudly made in the USA. With its patented design and fire-resistant liner, it offers unmatched durability and protection during personnel rescue and EMS calls. The red tabs ensure better visibility while the ballistic nylon construction provides extra cushioning against drops and fires. Pair it with our matching Radio Holster for a complete set of military-grade equipment that is 100% Made in America

Introducing the H₆ Inferno Radio Strap with Red Tabs, an exceptional addition to our esteemed Inferno Series. Crafted meticulously in the USA and built to endure, this firefighter radio strap boasts a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee. Its remarkable construction features military-grade ballistic nylon material for unparalleled durability and reliability during high-stress situations. The eye-catching red tabs provide enhanced visibility, making it easier for personnel engaged in critical rescue operations or EMS calls to locate their equipment swiftly. For seamless coordination, pair this innovative strap with our matching Radio Holster also equipped with a patented fire-resistant liner, offering extra protection against potential fires. Weighing just 0.6 lb and suitable for individuals within the height range of 56–66 inches, this robust strap is designed to withstand drops while providing optimal cushioning when accidents occur unexpectedly. Experience peace of mind knowing that every component of this product is proudly manufactured exclusively in America using top-notch craftsmanship techniques. SEO optimized version: Discover the incomparable H₆ Inferno Radio Strap featuring distinctive red tabs from our prestigious Inferno Series collection! Designed specifically for firefighters and engineered utilizing military-grade ballistic nylon material right here on American soil; you can trust its unwavering performance throughout even the most demanding scenarios! With a phenomenal shelf life lasting five years assured by industry experts along with highly vi

  • Uncompromising Quality: Proudly made in the USA, this Inferno Series strap is crafted from military-grade ballistic nylon for superior strength and reliability
  • Improved Visibility for Critical Situations: The vibrant red tabs on this firefighter radio strap enhance visibility, enabling personnel to quickly locate their equipment during rescue or EMS calls



The Inferno Series (Firefighter Radio Strap) is made of Military Grade Balisitc Nylon accented with red tabs to provide better visibility of personnel on rescue or EMS calls. The matching Radio Holster is made with Patented Fire Resistant Liner to provide extra protection in fires or cushioning when dropped. 56"-66". 0.6 lb. 100% Made in America.