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Fire Hose Flag

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These are one of a kind fire hose American flags made from used fire hose. Award winning flags that have been placed into many fire stations around the country.The fire hose flag is a great addition to your home for wall decor, home decor or just wall art. This is a great gift for a fireman, gift for dad, firefighter, gift for him or gift for husband.  Show your pride for America USA with this custom flag and personalized gift. High quality and actual fire engine fire hose is used in this project . 
Fire Departments all over America test their fire hose annually. If a a roll of fire hose does not pass inspection the fire hose usually ends up in landfills around the country or in this case is recycled, repurposed and re-used into a handcrafted fire hose flag.
Each roll of fire hose is handpicked, cut apart and made into quality flags. This is a 100% American made product. The fire hose was actually used on a fire truck and is double jacketed fire hose. This is a high quality award winning flags. 
What makes the flags unique is each roll of hose has its own story or history. How many house or car fires did the hose help put out? No piece of fire hose is the same. 
Each flag  is finished with a wood burned logo on the back so you know you purchased a handmade and high quality flag  from Crafty American.
Flags generally take 3-4 days to build. The flags are shipped out 2 days after they are built. Lead time is 1 week. 
The flag is 68-74" long by 35-37" high and weighs 70-90 pounds. The flag are built on 5/8 sheet of plywood and have 1x3 supporting brackets on the back for easy hanging and support. The fire hose is painted and not dyed. The flag has two couplings integrated into the build. 
The flags will be wrapped with a moving blanket and shrink wrapped. They would be shipped out with UPS.
These flags stand out differently from the other flags you have seen for sale because there are many tricks in building one of these flags so you don't see any of the mounting screws or nails. The flags have cascading ends so its frameless but looks like its never ending. Attention is also made to all the fine details (cutting the hose so it incorporates the hose writing a specific way-perfect blue square etc). Flags are built to FEDERAL guidelines or code.