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THE ONE SHEAR features high-quality Extreme Heavy Duty Steel™, and diamond coated (DLC) blades, this is the game-changing shear you can't go without.

With industry-standard Extreme Heavy Duty Steel™, guaranteed scratch and corrosion resistance, and a Matte Black G9 Nylon gas-filled handles, anyone needing a sharp cut through the toughest materials will appreciate the functionality in design. If that's not enough, we promise the safest user experience you could get from a pair of shears. A blunt tip means no harm to patients while working around tough-to-cut areas, and bacteria-harboring free elements reduce the risk of spreading germs or infection.

Whether you’re a medical professional, survivalist, military utility, or handyman, you can rest assured the ONE SHEAR will be your most reliable tool yet.

When we say this is the ONE SHEAR™ you will ever need, we mean it.


7.5" Long. Fits easily in most 5.11 or EMS style pants.
Highest industry standard Extreme Heavy Duty Steel™
Razor Sharp edge with impeccable edge retention.  More aggressive serrations
Steel strengthening Black DLC Diamond Coating, the toughest in the industry
Our blunt tip for easy access to tough-to cut-areas without harming the patient
Easy to clean shears
Made without silicone or bacteria-harboring elements.
Say goodbye to the torque and Allen keys. Easily adjust the tightness to your liking with our coin/ flathead bolt system.  
2x as thick blades compared to traditional trauma shears
A textured feel and non-slip resistance
30 Day No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee!



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