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ARC Strap


Do your bunker pants ride up when you’re crawling? Ever have your pants get stuck over your boots at a fire or during training? Let us help you keep your pants down! ARC Strap hooks in between your inner and outer shell and simply goes in front of your heal.


The proper size of ARC Strap is all in relation to the distance from the cuff of your bunker pants to the top of your foot. Also, it depends on the location of your snaps that connect your inner liner and outer shell of your bunker pants. The ARC Strap is designed to be snug up in front of the heel of your boot  Here is a guide to help you:
Put your bunker pants on, stand upright, grab your buddy, rookie, or partner to help you measure the distance from one set of snaps to the front of your boot heel and then back to the other set of snaps on the other side. (You can use a piece of string)

The ARC Strap comes in 3 sizes- Small- 6” Medium 7.5” Large- 9"


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