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2-1/2" Adjustable Hose Bundle Strap Kit (Red) - FFRHCS

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Secure and adjust your 2-1/2 hose bundle effortlessly with our innovative red strap kit - FFRHCS. Fit, slide, and buckle for a universal fit

Introducing the 2-1/2" Adjustable Hose Bundle Strap Kit (Red) - FFRHCS, a must-have accessory for all your hose bundling needs. This innovative kit is specifically designed to fit and secure any 2 ½” hose bundle, whether it be 8 ft. long or an impressive 100 ft. The included hose straps feature a convenient slide mechanism that allows for easy adjustment of the length, ensuring a snug and secure fit every time. Crafted with durable 1” webbing and equipped with a reliable buckle system, these universal straps can be confidently relied upon to keep your hoses in place during transportation or storage. Whether you're dealing with a single 50 ft. bundle or longer lengths up to 100ft., the versatile design of our adjustable hose strap ensures compatibility with various circumferences ranging from12.5-19 in Wees.We are proud to offer this practical solution that guarantees ease of use without compromising on quality or durabi Combiningining functionality, versat, andy,and reliab, this,this adjustable hose strap will undoubtedly become an indispensable tool in your arsenal

  • Securely fasten and easily adjust your 2-1/2" hose bundle with our adjustable strap kit
  • Long or longer 100 ft
  • Hose bundles with universal sizing
  • Slide, buckle, and secure the 1" webbing to effortlessly customize the length of your hose straps

The hose bundle kit is adjustable to fit a 2 ½” hose bundle up to 8 ft. long and consisting of up to 100 ft. of hose.

2 of the hose straps slide along the 1” webbing to allow for adjustment. Once the desired length is determined, the 1” webbing is secured in a buckle. This universal 2 ½” hose bundle kit can be used for a single 50 ft. bundle or a longer 100 ft. bundle. The 2 1/2" hose strap can be used on hose bundles with a circumference of 12.5"-19".