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Plain DoorJamm (7 colors)

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This DoorJamm is unmarked for use in private or civilian environments. Easily control access to spaces with a DoorJamm and prevent lockouts. 

Stay in compliance with workplace policies that require closed doors for health and safety, climate control and hygiene. 

It is versatile, stretches over 200% its original size, reusable, easy to carry, weather and chemical resistant. 

The DoorJamm will withstand temperatures as hot as 212 Degrees Fahrenheit and as cold as -40 Degrees Fahrenheit. 

This product weighs approx. 1 ounce, can be stored nearly anywhere and allows you to carry multiples without being cumbersome. 

It could be used in industrial settings wherever you might use a wedge or other device to keep a door from locking. We've heard from delivery teams, plumbers, electricians, janitorial, housekeeping and maintenance workers that DoorJamm works for them too!  

DoorJamms are made of synthetic rubber in the USA.