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Gated Wye Strap - FFGWS

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Enhance the safety and efficiency of interior firefighters with our innovative Gated Wye Strap, securing valves in open positions for seamless water supply.

Introducing the Gated Wye Strap , meticulously designed to provide unmatched security and reliability when it comes to valve control. Engineered with a focus on ergonomics and durability, this innovative strap ensures that valves remain firmly in place, even in the most demanding situations. Whether you're an interior firefighter or responsible for maintaining water supply systems, rest assured knowing that our gated wye strap will effortlessly secure valves in their open position. Don't compromise on safety; invest in a product trusted by professionals worldwide

  • Enhance Valve Security: The Gated Wye Strap
  • Ensures a secure valve connection, minimizing the risk of accidental openings
  • Streamline Operations: With its easy-to-use design, firefighters can quickly transition from closed to open positions, optimizing efficiency during emergencies
  • Interior Firefighter-Friendly: Designed with the needs of interior firefighters in mind, this strap provides reliable water supply management in high-pressure situations
  • Promote Safety Measures: By securely fastening valves and preventing unauthorized access, the Gated Wye Strap
  • Helps maintain a safe working environment for firefighting teams

The gated wye strap was designed to secure the valve in the open position so interior firefighters don't lose water supply due to the valve getting knocked shut. The strap can also be used to secure a valve in the closed position. The strap is made of 1" webbing that is girthed around the 1 3/4" hose coupling and the handle of the gated wye valve to secure it in the open position.