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Extreme Durable Fire Hose Dog Toy

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Fire Hose is known to be a super strong and durable material. It has to be in order to withstand dragging through a house fire and the pressure from water being supplied to the firefighters.

Fire Departments all over the United States test their fire hose annually. If a a roll of fire hose does not pass inspection the fire hose usually ends up in landfills around the country or in this case is recycled, repurposed and re-used into a handcrafted product. The fire hose used was previously in service at a fire department around the USA.

Each roll of fire hose is handpicked, hand-cut and made into quality products. This is a 100% American made product. We used the fire hose firefighters use to create a dog toy.

Each end of the fire hose is sewn with super strong polyester UV protected outdoor thread. Each end of the fire hose is finished and sealed off with the same super strong matieral vehicle manufacture's use for seat belts. The dog toy also has a handle for easy transport or something to grab onto while tugging. Inside of the dog toy is a super soft 100% cotton batting so its easy and soft for your pet to hold in their mouth.

The dog toy is 14" long (not measuring the handle) and 3.5" wide. To finish the dog toy off we added our brand label and a warning/advise label so you know what this is best for. The dog toy comes in green, white, yellow and blue. This toy was tested and shown to be long lasting with Police k-9 dogs who are know to be aggressive chewers, tuggers and dog toy users.