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Valor Moustache Wax- Strong Hold

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Be a man of Valor. Formulated for grey & white 'staches and beards. Made with ingredients that are made to help dry, brittle hair become strong and moisturized. Because we know as we age our hair changes and needs a little more TLC.  Also, we've made this wax with a white beeswax base so it won't make your extra salty 'stache turn a shade of yellow. So whether you are playing Santa during Christmas Time or just a SaltyAF Chief whose seen somethings, this wax will be your new go to to look and feel your best while taking care of that upper lip fur you've been sporting all these years. 

Valor, for 'staches & beards that are salty in years. 

Hold: Strong Hold (Most Like Scallywag Wax)

Scent: Sandalwood Vanilla

Ingredients:  White beeswax, petroleum jelly, pine resin, and essential oils.