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"The Sergeant"

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Slim, American-made minimalist wallet with a valiant fire service history

Designed to be carried comfortably in your front pocket, the Sergeant Wallet is made out of real fire hose or USA Combat Boot Leather and built to withstand the stresses of daily use. Over the last 3 years, it's been our #1 top seller. In fact, we sell two Sergeants for one of every other style of wallet. We believe this speaks to the uniqueness and quality this product brings to the table.

  • Crafted out of real decommissioned fire hose or Combat Boot Leather
  • Sewn using T-70 nylon thread 
  • Bordered with 1" mil-spec nylon binding
  • Over 5,500 five star reviews
  • Compact, no nonsense design
  • Virtually disappears in your front pocket
  • Easy access to receipts with the elastic band on the back
  • Holds 4-8 cards (some hose is tighter than others)
  • 5" mil-spec elastic money clip (cash folded into thirds)

*Repurposed fire hose or Combat Boot Leather frequently comes with marks, scuffs, and slight discolorations. As a result, some items may not look exactly the same as their product photos. Furthermore, each item is uniquely handmade in the USA, so there may be minor differences in how each minimalist wallet looks. Finally, only limited edition items come with writing on them.