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"The Captain"

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This Mens Wallet is sewn just a tad wider so it'll lay flatter in your back pocket. This allows the wallet to be a TON more comfortable while you're sitting down. Double stitched military grade webbing. 1000D Cordura interior. Super thick clear ID window for drivers license. Holds 15 cards and 20 bills. 

After nearly 13 months of development I finally designed an incredible and more traditional bifold wallet. Would you believe me if I told you that I have over 50 failed attempts at this wallet? You would imagine that after several years of sewing fire hose I would just bang out a wallet like this with no problem. The problem is Fire Hose is so thick and hard to work with that it really does take a TON of trial and error before you get it right, well I am also somewhat of a perfectionist so that doesn't help!

"The Captain" has 1000D Cordura for the interior card slots and I have DOUBLE SEWN the 1" binding on each section of this wallet. The ID window is made from 40 Gauge vinyl (over twice as thick as what is standard) and the Captains design is built a tad wider then normal so it spreads out the thickness when loaded so it'll feel more comfortable in your back pocket. Yes this is a BACK POCKET wallet, and has the traditional cash pocket so you can bifold your bills. 

  • Fits 12-15 cards
  • 4" wide by 5" tall when folded
  • Holds up to 20 bills, we suggest folding in half and using both sides 
  • Double Stitched with size 90 Nylon Thread
  • Edged with 1" Military Spec Binding
  • 1000D Cordura Nylon Interior
  • 100% Made in small batches
  • 40 Gauge Clear Vinyl ID Window


*Due to the repurposed nature of the fire hose your item may appear different than what you see in the product pictures. Not all items have "writing" on them, and these items are limited. The hose color may be slightly lighter or darker and frequently comes with scuffs and markings. Each item is uniquely hand-crafted, and may differ slightly from other products of a similar make.