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Stake Out Mustache Wax - Unscented

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Introducing "Stake Out" Mustache Wax - the secret weapon for stealthy style that will leave your upper lip looking sharp and undeniably mysterious. Inspired by the covert operations of seasoned detectives on stakeouts, this unscented wax combines the strength of a determined officer with the cunning disguise of an invisible force.

Join the ranks of the well-groomed elite with Stake Out Mustache Wax. Experience the transformative power that comes with a medium hold and a whisper of secrecy. Take control of your mustache, and leave onlookers wondering: "Where did he come from? And where is he going?"

Hold: Medium

Scent: Unscented or naturally scented 

Ingredients: Beeswax, Lanolin, and Pine Resin