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Ol' Fashion Beard Oil

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This is a custom blend of the best ingredients for helping your beard reach its manliest potential. The Bearded Man's Blend boasts a rich scent modeled after our Ol' Fashion Moustache Wax. The scents include orange, whiskey, and a few other aromas to guarantee your beard is as manly and fresh as possible! Just a few drops with make sure your mane of manliness is the best it can be all day long! 

Scent: Ol'Fashion: Whiskey with a hint of orange. 


Conditions, Shines & Moisturizes Beard. Leaves a shiny appearance to beard while still keeping that grizzly man look. 

Package: 1oz Glass Dropper Bottle

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, and 100% Pure Essential Oils.

*****A Portion of each sale will go to a First Responder ( Fire, EMS, Police) and their families battling cancer.*****

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