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LXFGC-HD Heavy Duty Glove Clip

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  • THE ORIGINAL AND BEST] – Lightning X originally designed the firefighter glove clip in 2008. Many have copied it, but none have our balistic nylon webbing, hand-stitched reflective tape, and specially tooled alligator clip design. Take a closer look at the copycat models and you’ll see the difference in quality. 
  • [HAND-STITCHED REFLECTIVE] – Our HD Glove Clip includes 3M Scotchlite Reflective Tape sewn direclty onto the webbing strap, not printed on the webbing, like similar copycat products. The screen printed “reflective” on other straps will flake off after minimal use, rendering the high visibility feature of the strap completely useless – and defeating the purpose of buying a reflective glove holder. Take a closer look at the competition, they don’t stand up to our product!
  • [BALLISTIC NYLON WEBBING] – Competitors use poorly designed thin and weak webbing that is designed to be used as design trim on larger bags and backpacks, not the double layered ballistic nylon used on Lightning X heavy-duty straps. Our glove holders are designed to withstand the abuse that firefighters are known to inflict on their gear and keep on working time and time again. Take a second look at the product pictures and you’ll see the difference.
  • [SPECIALLY TOOLED CLIP] – Called an “alligator spring buckle”, our clip was tooled with a special mold designed specifically for Lightning X. Knockoff glove clips have two slots for the webbing on the back of the buckle. This means that those are made with “off-the-shelf” alligator clips that were designed for extremely light duty applications such as holding tent flaps, car covers and other loose fabrics. They aren’t engineered with a 30lb coiled spring load like Lightning X glove clips.
  • [ULTRA-STRONG STITCHING] – The Glove Clip is sewn together with military-grade nylon thread, and secured together on high stress seams with “bar-tacs”, the same stitching pattern used on military backpacks. We use1-1/4″ webbing, a full 1/4″ – 1/2″ more than similar straps on the market. Our single-slot alligator clip also means our glove straps is shorter by almost a full inch over the competition. This helps prevent your gloves from flopping around all over the place and getting in the way.