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Hose Strap 44”-FF44HS

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Introducing our innovative Hose Strap 44”-FF44HS - the secure solution for effortlessly securing up to 100 feet of hose on your front bumper

Introducing the Hose Strap 44”-FF44HS, the ultimate solution for securely transporting and organizing your hoses. This heavy-duty strap is designed to hold up to 100 feet of hose, allowing you to easily carry and store all of your watering essentials. With its durable construction and reliable functionality, this hose strap ensures that your hoses remain in place even during transit or storage. Featuring enough space for up to five hoses, this innovative accessory can be effortlessly attached to your front bumper, providing a practical and convenient way to keep your hoses organized while on the go. Say goodbye to tangled messes and hello to hassle-free hose management with the Hose Strap 44”-FF44HS!

  • Ensure the secure transportation of up to 100 feet of hose with our durable Hose Strap, providing peace of mind during travel
  • Simplify organization and prevent tangling with our Hose Strap, capable of securely holding up to 5 hoses at once
  • Safeguard your front bumper from scratches and dents by using our reliable Hose Strap for convenient storage and easy access