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Introducing the H₆ Firefighter Radio Strap: Unleash superior comfort, mobility, and safety with our military-grade nylon strap. Made in the USA with a 5-year warranty, this heavy-duty yet lightweight accessory is perfect for firefighters, veterans, and career professionals. Its patent-pending design ensures high quality and durability while eliminating cancer-causing particles found in leather radio straps. Choose from standard or x-large sizes to fit your needs precisely. With over 20 years of experience serving military air crash rescue teams and EMS personnel worldwide, our H₆ Tactical Nylon Radio Strap offers unrivaled versatility and attachment options. Upgrade to excellence today!

Introducing the H₆ FIREFIGHTER RADIO STRAP, a quintessential accessory for any career firefighter or military air crash rescue professional. Proudly made in the USA by firefighter and veteran owners, this exceptional radio strap boasts an impressive array of features that ensure superior comfort, safety, and mobility during challenging missions. Crafted from military-grade nylon with a standard size option and an x-large size for added versatility, the 2 wide strap guarantees durability while remaining lightweight. Its patented pending design combines heavy-duty construction with extractor washable properties, so you can confidently rely on its long life expectancy. Say goodbye to discomfort caused by leather radio straps as our H₆ Tactical Nylon Radio Strap prioritizes your well-being without compromising functionality. Moreover, we prioritize high quality standards while ensuring the elimination of cancer-causing particles often found in low-quality alternatives. With over 20 years of experience in firefighting under its belt, this rugged yet comfortable product is perfect for firefighters and EMS personnel alike who value excellence in their equipment choices. Upgrade your gear today with the H₆ FIREFIGHTER RADIO STRAP and experience firsthand what sets it apart: unbeatable performance coupled with unmatched attachment capabilities

  • Experience superior comfort and mobility with the H₆ FIREFIGHTER RADIO STRAP, designed with firefighter safety in mind
  • Rest easy knowing that your H₆ Tactical Nylon Radio Strap is made in the USA from military-grade nylon for unmatched durability
  • Protect yourself against cancer-causing particles by opting for an extractor washable strap instead of traditional leather radio straps



  • Standard Size: 56 - 66" Length
  • X-Large Size: 62 - 78" Length
  • 2" Wide Provides Superior Comfort
  • Military Grade Nylon
  • Extractor Washable
  • Firefighter & Veteran Owned Developed
  • 100% Made in USA

The flagship H6 Tactical Nylon Radio Strap is a heavy duty, yet lightweight, designed with mobility, comfort and safety in mind. High quality and extractor washable, the Military Grade Nylon will not retain cancer causing particles like leather radio straps. The life expectancy of an H6 Radio Strap is well over 5 years, no other custom radio straps in any industry can compare.

The patent pending design was created by a career firefighter with over 20 years experience using a leather radio strap and by combining his experience in the military, he developed the most rugged radio strap used by firefighters, military air crash rescue and EMS. The versatility of this radio strap allows for 13 attachment points to attach your mic, flashlight, scissors, glass break or other equipment essential to your job.