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Firehouse toiletry bag

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DISTINCTIVE STYLE –  has created an extraordinary toiletry bag, offering a choice of black or beige fabric combined with a highly visible reflective strip.

FIRE-RESISTANT MATERIAL – Carefully selected fire-resistant material to provide the most authentic firefighter apparel appearance. The exterior of the bag is made from genuine Kevlar fabric. Additionally, a fire-resistant fluorescent reflective strip horizontally traverses the bag.

IDEAL FOR TRAVEL – Lightweight and practical for organizing your toiletries such as toothbrushes, shampoo, and razor. Easily slips into your backpack. Featuring a top zipper for effortless access. The interior of this toiletry bag is equipped with three different dividers for optimal organization.

VARIETY OF COLORS – While you travel, Flashfire Supply wants you to match your toiletry bag to your firefighter style by offering various blending and matching options, whether on the road or at the station.

PERFECT GIFT – Give a unique gift, perfect for use while traveling, at the station, or simply for keeping your essential items organized in daily life. This firefighter bag will capture the attention of your superiors and colleagues due to its distinctive design.