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Extrication Tool Carrying Strap Genesis 11C (FFETCSS-11C)

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The extrication tool carrying strap was designed to assist firefighters when carrying battery powered extrication tools. Some of the new extrication tools weigh up to 60 pounds and can be difficult to carry long distances or over rough terrain. The extrication tool carrying strap is comprised of one strap that is installed around the cylindrical case of the tool and remains on the tool. The other portion of the strap is an adjustable sling with a seat belt buckle. The tool clips into the sling with the seat belt buckle and is easily removed by depressing the seat belt buckle.

This strap is specific to the Genesis 11C-RIT-SLI. The Genesis 11C is a combi-tool that is often used for forcible entry. The extrication tool carrying strap provides the user with a hands free option for carrying the tool, freeing up their hands to carry other tools and equipment.