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12" XL Ti Hooligan Forced Entry Tool - Titanium

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Worlds First Titanium 12" Hooligan Tool!

Intro Special!

Limit 2 Per Customer!

Limited Overstock Run!

Who doesn’t appreciate a small pry bar, for those small prying and jimmying jobs? This 12” Titanium Hooligan is mission specific for those small jobs where a compact, concealable entry tool is needed. You will be surprised at the number of things that will yield to this mischief maker. Please use responsibly.

Length 12" x Width x 3.1"

Pinned End Caps For Incredible Strength

Pike Length 1.7" 

Nail Puller / Pry Head 2.27" 

DuckBill 1.6"

Bar Thickness .48"

Weight  11 Ounces - Almost 400% more titanium than the original!

Edges can be sharpened as needed 

Also heat treatable!