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Real Fire Hose Can Cozie -Maltese Cross

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This is a fire hose can Cozie . This can coozie, beer cozie, can cooler or can holder is designed to fit 12oz cans or 12 oz bottles of water and is made from recycled fire hose. This is a great gift for him, firefighter gift, fireman gift and groomsman gift to hold your beer, water or soda. Perfect for a firefighter or fireman.

Fire Departments all over the United States test their fire hose annually. If a a roll of fire hose does not pass inspection the fire hose usually ends up in landfills around the country or in this case is recycled, repurposed and re-used into a handcrafted fire hose Cozie.

Each roll of fire hose is handpicked, cut apart and made into quality Cozie. This is a 100% American made product.

What makes the Cozie unique is each roll of hose has its own story or history. How many house or car fires did the hose help put out? No piece of fire hose is the same.

Each Cozie is carefully cleaned, hand cut and the edges burnt so it will not come apart. The Cozie has a solid plastic bottom unlike the other Cozie's you see that are soft and not supportive when you set it on your end table.

The Cozie is finished off with new leather rivets. You won't be disappointed with this item and all your fire buddies will be asking about it

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