Chief Danny Miller Fundraiser

Lake County Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Dan Miller experienced a major medical issue and went into cardiac arrest while our fire and EMS crews were treating him after he called 9-1-1.

He was resuscitated and is on life support at the hospital. His heart is beating on its own again, but he faces a long, challenging recovery.

Many in the community, the Lake County Firefighters Charity and the Lake County Firefighters Union have been helping the family with chores and providing meals, but the family is facing a large, growing medical bill.

His wife has been by his side the entire time. With him and his wife out of work and the major medical expenses, the family will need assistance financially on his long road to recovery.

If you would like to help you can purchase a #MillerStrong T-shirt here or #MillerStrong Kids T-Shirts . To donate to his GoFundMe Here.

Battalion Chief Danny Miller is a veteran firefighter of over 20 years and the founder of Venom 2, which is a component of Lake County Fire Rescue that responds to calls for the removal of venomous snakes and also delivers life saving antivenin to hospitals for treatments. He is a husband, father and brother; a man who has defied the odds, beating cancer in his teens, allowing him to fulfill his goal of serving others as a firefighter in his community. His spirit is like no other and he has demonstrated his can-do and never-quit attitude today as he makes remarkable progress after suffering a cardiac arrest. We salute Danny and proudly represent the #MillerStrong campaign as he fights on. You can help by purchasing a Miller Strong T-shirt or donating to his GoFundMe 

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Please help. All profits going to help the family.

Chief Miller September 27, 2019

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